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The insured’s responsibility is to protect the property from further potential damage. Make emergency repairs as necessary, but do not destroy or make major repairs until our adjuster has an opportunity to view the damages.

Contact Information
Roberts Mutual, Home office: 605-698-7122
Roberts Mutual, Fax: 605-698-4146

What to do in the event of a claim?

  1. Protect the property from further damage
  2. Report loss to the company as soon as possible
  3. Provide the company with clear explanation of damage
  4. Identify building that was damaged and the extent of the damage.
  5. Report all theft claims to authorities. Report fire claims to Fire Dept.
  6. Client can begin to obtain estimates and prepare an inventory list

The company cannot authorize any contractor to work on the insured’s property. The insured is the only one who can authorize repairs. The company does not guarantee the quality or workmanship of any contractor or guarantee that the work will be accomplished within any specific time frame. It is undertood that all contractors are hired by the insured and that they do not work for the company.

Livestock losses
Report the loss to the veterinarian so the cause of loss can be verified. The vet must perform a necropsy report within 48 hours of the loss.